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A beginner’s guide to Google Maps marketing

November 11, 2017
July 6, 2016
Cartel Wives- The Book which gives relationship Goals to Lovers, Start up Founders and Risk takers
November 17, 2017

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Vishal Vivek is Co-Founder & CEO of SEO Corporation, a New Delhi based SEO & Web agency. A motivational speaker, blogger, gut wrenching risk taker, pet lover and hard working soul. Credited for taking SEO Corporation from living room to immense heights with his vision and brute passion . Demystifying online marketing for startups and entrepreneurs is what he loves the most. When he is not writing or researching, you can find him deeply engrossed in books or playing with his pets. Follow him on Twitter @victor_nepoleon
Google Maps is great way to give a boost to your local SEO effort. Here is how you can do it. Ever wondered how your business competitors easily appear on Google Maps with comprehensive details such as name, address, areas of operation and sometimes even photos. Well, the answer is Google My Business. Adding your business at Google My Business and getting it verified directly by Google not only places your business against your competitors but also helps in search engine optimization. Virtually, Google My Business enables any business owner to claim a listing that will appear in Google search results. Purpose of Google Maps Marketing By listing your business on Google Maps, you can easily let people know where you are located and tell them that at this specific area, there is a business that can provide the required products and services. The ultimate purpose of Google Maps is to achieve a higher ranking in the local business results page. Let’s delve deeper: Read More
Vishal Vivek
Vishal Vivek
Entrepreneur, Virgo, speaker, writer, a pampered son & a loving brother. Featured as Inspiring Indian by The Times Group. Life is still unfolding for me. Lots to be written in coming years. You can read some old news about me here: and my short story here( reprint of the story which was published in the Times Group book): Last but not the least, I am grateful to my mom & dad, my sisters, my friends, my fans for filling my life with love & happiness. Amen!

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