Cartel Wives- The Book which gives relationship Goals to Lovers, Start up Founders and Risk takers

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I am neither a drug addict nor a reader of fantasy novels but when I came to know  that Cartel Wives is based on the true account of top ranking members  of one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world Sinaloa Cartel, I decided to gift this book to myself.

These drug cartels are bigger than some of the biggest companies in the world in terms of turnover.

Sickeningly, I have always been attracted to power, ( I mean absolute power), money and knowledge.

I guess a lot of people like these things too,  that is why program like Narcos, Secret Lives of Super rich ( on CNBC) are so popular.

Cartel Wives puts James Bond movies to shame because it is real and very chilling.

The lives of members of these cartels are like the lives of mosquito, they face danger from every corner and their lives are counted in hours. They never know when they will be ambushed and killed by some enemy cartel or any law enforcement agencies yet they live like king size.

This book is so addictive that finished it within 24 hours!!

I am giving this book 4.5 stars out of 5. Deducting 0.5 points for not including any pictures in the book.


Thank you note to the writers. Hope It reaches to the brave ladies Mia Flores and Olivia Flores.

Dear writers, we would have loved to see your fancy cars, mansions, and designer’s clothes.

Wish we could see you as well.

Since, we know you have risked your life so that is alright and hope your children use their talent in legal ways, which makes you and your husband proud.

We are grateful to you for giving insights in your lives.

Trust me, you have certainly given us relationship goals.


We have always heard about money, power games, dangers involved in drug business. but nothing beats when you get a chance to read it from the account of the person who has first hand experienced of living it.

Mia and Olivia Flores are two different girls married to twin brothers who belong to highest echelons of Sineloa cartel.

Those who are not aware about Sineloa cartel, then let me tell you that Sineloa Cartel run by Al Chapo Gunzman  was  one of the most dangerous and the most powerful  drug trafficking cartel in the world and It’s boss Al Chapo Gunzman  was feared by the governments, law enforcement agencies and enemies and worshiped by the locals .

If drugs were legal, the bosses of these cartels would be the richest men in the world.

He was so powerful that he had an army of his own, dozens of aircraft and hundreds of luxury cars.


He once got featured in the Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

Governments feared him. He was the Public Enemy number one for the United States.  This title was given to no one since 1938.

I recommend this book if you want to read about power plays, risk and your like TV series like Narcos.

It might sound strange but this book has lot to teach to entrepreneurs and start up founder.

What are the take away for Startup founders from this book:
  • Start early:

    Flores brothers started when they were very young and rose to the top very fast. In fact, they moved very fast. There is a character named Pable in this book, he kidnaps the older brother Peter (One of the Flores brother) because he is zealous of their rise to power so fast though Pable has been working for his entire life.


  • Move fast or disappear in oblivion:

    Take big and calculated risks or remain just another start-up.

Drug cartels are hard to penetrate yet they were able to  get noticed at the top and then became a part of it.

(For start-ups) Penetrating the market or getting noticed by investors look tough but if you are determined to move without distractions then no one can stop you.

Don’t ignore your family.

Most of the times when you are young, you neglect your family thus losing the biggest asset of your lives.

In the race of getting success, money and power you forget that your biggest asset is your family which made you what you are today. If you read this book, you will find that though Flores brothers lived a very fast and dangerous life yet they valued their family the most and spent family quality family time.

Respect your parents:

In this book Olivia is seen having regrets of not listening to her mother when she was young and carefree.

When the husband of Olivia surrenders to the US authorities and her husband asks her to leave Mexico (otherwise super dangerous cartels will find them and kill their entire family.

She is fleeing to United Staes with her small babies in a car and when she tell her mom about it, her mother calls her every few minutes.

She had always neglected her parents and never listened to them but see how much her mother cares.

This is selfless love and if we as a kid are able to return even 1% of that to our parents, our lives will be successful in the truest of the true senses.

Never ignore your parents and family. You will regret it later.

Be proud of your parents whoever they are.


Maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Most of the start-up founders close themselves in a bubble and think that they will have all the time in the world to take care of their family and when they realize it, it is too late.

If you read this book, you will find that Olivia and Mia love their husbands so much that it puts the protagonists of the most romantic movies to shame.

These guys must be proud that their girls (wives in this case) that their wives love them so much. Every word of this book speaks how proud they are of their husbands. You can be the most successful entrepreneur in the world but if you could not make you girl fall head over heels in love with you then you are a worthless creature and not man enough.
Trust me, no success in the world can replace the feeling when your girls feels and tells you that you are the real man.

Take away: Do whatever you are doing for your work but when you are with your family, give them undivided attention. You don’t need a lot of money to do it. The quality of your time matters.

Peter and Junior were the most powerful drug traffickers in the world but they doted on their wives like teenagers and did everything to make them happy.

It did not make them look sissy but It made them look like real heroes. Though they were criminals yet their wives will ensure that their children are proud of their hero fathers.

If you read the book, you will see that though these brothers were hardcore criminals yet with family became the most delicate souls.

The small gestures of having family dinner together, being with their wives for a week after birth of the first child, holding hand when her wife was giving birth, looking at the stars together, doing  something which both liked together ( Peter and Mia used to go to see horses).

Guys be passionate about what you do and involve your significant others if it interests them and they will fall in love with you ever day. Women love men who are passionate about their goals.


If you want a happy family, keep your wife happy even when you are the most dangerous man in the world.


Junior always used to support Olivia whatever she wanted. Be it starting a music record company or opening a spa. If she has a dream, be man enough to support she and she will support you when the entire world is against you.

See the abundance of love. The brothers are in a maximum security prisons in USA and these women are in hiding with fake names.  The cartels are searching them to kill and yet these brave girls are coming to the prison to meet their husband every week even though when there is several feet of snow on the road.

They fly several hours to meet their husbands for few hours and sometimes even for half hour. I must say this kind o f devotion is rare but heartwarming.


The children of Mia, Bella is a belligerent kid and very annoying and she keeps on crying every time.  This is due to the fact that when Bella was in womb and her mother was under huge stress and every day there was some life threating risk and perhaps that is why she became like that. So, entrepreneurs plan your life in way that you are in a stable position when you wife is pregnant otherwise keep your stress at home and keep your wives happy.


Never uproot your parents from their base:

You parents have lived their entire lives in a place and someday you find a new city and then you think that they should bow to our will for your convenience and move in with you. I has seen this in real life scenarios that this does not make them happy so find a way to take care of them in way that they are happy too.

The father of Peter and Junior has to flee from Mexico when their sons become informant to US authorities.  But he cannot be happy away from his home and goes back to Mexico and soon killed by drug cartels who are after the lives of the entire family.


Be Disciplined: 

It does not matter who ever is powerful in your company but if he does not follow rules, he needs to be punished and there should not be any double standards. In the crime world of Drug cartels where everyone in dangerous and think himself to be the king of the world. Wh El Chapo calls Pablo and he does not come. It shows that Pable need to be displined and later he is killed.


Never leave your money:

  Drug trafficking has 90&% profit margin. To put that in perspective

Airlines earn 1.8% and oil companies average 8%, cocaine cartels earn a 93% net margin–for just wholesale.

Profit per full-time employee ratios are also off the charts. Google’s profit per FTE is $270,000 and Apple’s is $460,000, both of which are impressive. But the Sinaloa Cartel’s profit per FTE is estimated at $20 million. The global reach of these organizations is also expanding. Beyond North America, the Sinaloa Cartel is now active in Europe, Asia, and Australia. So a single employee is making them $20 million (  130 crores Indian rupee). You can buy 325 homes at the rate of 40 lakh ( app)  in Capital of India from the profit made from one employee in a year.

Coming back to the point, though these cartels play in enormous amount of money. They have so much money that they have full time employees who work shifts to count money and keep a track of things. Millions of dollars ( one million dollar is approx 6 crores)  are like loose change to them yet they don’t leave defaulters and get their money from them.  Be financially disciplined.


Though I am not new to writing and I have written hundreds of blogs related to my profession, It is my first review of a book.  I read on almost one book a week despite my extremely busy schedule yet I never got to write about a book. So share your feedback in the comment or send me message on Facebook.


Vishal Vivek
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