Short Term Goals or Long Term Dreams- What should You Choose when starting as an Entrepreneur

Short Term Goals or Long Term Dreams- What should You Choose when starting as an Entrepreneur
March 26, 2018
The #1 management/practical lesson I learnt from the famed Jim Collins Book, “Good to Great”
April 24, 2018
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It is more of a philosophical post than a business post. The reason? I am an entrepreneur and I started on my own company 7 years back. My success has been modest but I saw a lot of ups and downs mostly because I had no money when I started. I relied on a friend for everything, from food to clothes for almost a year.  And, it wasn’t just the lack of financial stability, I had no corporate experience and no connections either. All I had was a few good friends, my family and my passion.


I like to call myself successful but I’ll admit that I haven’t reached the pinnacle yet.


I struggled to sign a client on my free and amateurish website for 8 months straight and after that there was no looking back. Within 4 years, I had around 50 full time employees, impressive clientele with most of them being repetitive clients. I am not saying that I didn’t make any mistakes but I managed to cross the ocean.


What I learned from these experiences:

Things, people, issues, factors, etc, etc stop mattering when you put your mind to something. If you have decided that there is something you want to do then there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you.


Take a look at Elon Musk for example. He was already successful by the time he was 30. He could retire to a beach house and spend his time drinking pina coladas but instead, he decided to take on the automotive industry and disrupt it with his crazy idea of making sleazy super fast cars that run on Battery! Crazy, Isn’t it? And he wasn’t an insider, he had no knowledge of cars or how the automotive industry worked but he didn’t let anything keep him from realizing his dream. Biggest experts and analysts predicted his failure but Musk didn’t stop.


Despite all the odds, he marched ahead. He had trouble finding investors so he ended up investing his own money in the company and almost became bankrupt not once but many times. Today, TESLA  cars are among the most coveted cars on the planet.


Just within a decade, Musk managed to create an iconic brand that now competes with industry bigwigs like Ferrari, lamborghini etc. But Tesla didn’t satiate Musk’s hunger. The man and the icon went on to create two more companies, one with a mission to send people to Mars and another one dealing in solar cells. Both of his companies faced the test of time and emerged strong.


When Musk came up with his brilliant ideas and started the companies, 99% of the people either rejected his ideas or tried to persuade him to not bring them to life.


Just ask yourself this question: Would you start a company with a mission that only countries can participate in like sending people to Mars? 5 out of 10 rockets tests fail. But Musk’s dreams couldn’t be tamed. He dreamt big, realized his dreams and his spirit taught many of us to not bury our dreams either.


Life is short. We only live for 60-80 years so why not spend this time doing something to open new frontiers for mankind?


Why not think big?

No, I don’t mean that everybody should quit their jobs and turn to entrepreneurship but if there is something you know you can do, something that will improve the lives of our fellow human beings then why not do it?

Why not vow to eradicate poverty or illiteracy 100%? Yes, I mean 100%.


A lot of people will tell you that it’s impossible but listen to yourself. Your conviction matters not opinions. Don’t let anyone keep you from realizing your dreams. Nothing is impossible and once you commit to what you believe in, there won’t be any pauses or full stops. Go ahead and do what you want to do.


Think big or better, think of the impossible and do it. With true passion and conviction, you can do anything. So what is stopping you? Wake up and do it.

Let us think BIG, very big!

Vishal Vivek
Vishal Vivek
Entrepreneur, Virgo, speaker, writer, a pampered son & a loving brother. Featured as Inspiring Indian by The Times Group. Life is still unfolding for me. Lots to be written in coming years. You can read some old news about me here: and my short story here( reprint of the story which was published in the Times Group book): Last but not the least, I am grateful to my mom & dad, my sisters, my friends, my fans for filling my life with love & happiness. Amen!

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