Short Term Goals or Long Term Dreams- What should You Choose when starting as an Entrepreneur

How to Make Plans, Set Goals & Achieve Great Results-Tips for Start-up founders ( in Hindi)
February 13, 2018
Short Term Goals or Long Term Dreams- What should You Choose when starting as an Entrepreneur
March 27, 2018
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It is more a philosophical post  than a business  a business post. The reason? I am an entrepreneur and I started on my own company 7 years back. My success has been modest but I saw a lot of ups and downs because, when I started I had no money.  Depended on a friend for basic necessities like food and clothes for a year.  Money was not the only constraint, I had no corporate experience and I had no connections. I had few good friends, my  family ( my dad died only  7 months after I started) and my passion.


I can call myself successful in a very small way. I struggled to get client on a free and amateurish website for 8 months and after that there was no looking back. Within 4 years, I had around 50 full time employees, good clientele and most of them were repetitive clients.  Later on, I made some mistakes as well but we will cover that later.


What I learned from these experiences:


Nothing else matters if you have made up your mind to do it. Nothing can stop you. Take an example of Elon Musk. This guy decided to take on the automotive industry and disrupt it with his crazy idea of making sleazy super fast cars which run on Battery! Crazy, Isn’t?  Yes, because he had no knowledge of cars or automotive industry. Not a single company has come on scene since 1925 in Automotive industry.  The technology did not exist. Even the smartest experts and analysts predicted that he will fail.

Despite all the odds, he marched ahead. But since, he was talking of disrupting  such a big industry no one believed his idea and no one invested either. He put his own money in the company and came on the brink of bankruptcy many times but he persisted.  Today, you might be aspiring to buy of his TESLA  cars.  Within  a decade, he has been able to create an iconic brand at the level of Ferrari, lamborghini etc. If It was not enough, he stared two more companies, one with a mission to send people to Mars and another one dealing in Solar Cells and all of them are doing good now but only after depressing lows.

During the making of these companies, 99% of the people either rejected his ideas or tried to persuade him not to try them. Ask yourself a questions. Will you start a company with a mission which only countries participate in like  sending people to Mars?  5 out of 10 rockets test fail. Will you start it? Most of us will not start but this guy did and taught us to dream big again.

Life is very small. Only 60 to 70 years so why no spend this time to do something which can open up new frontiers for mankind. Why not thing big instead of think small and waste the precious life. I am not saying everyone of you should become entrepreneur but if you are thinking to doing  something then do something which improves the lives of fellow human beings drastically not marginally. Why not vow to eradicate poverty or illiteracy 100%. Yes, I mean 100%. Most of the people around you will say that it is not possible but listen to yourself, and if you  believe it then march ahead and do it. Let no one stop you. Nothing is impossible  and nothing will be able to stop you. Go ahead and do it.

Think big or better think of the impossible and do it. With true passion and conviction, you can do anything. So what is stopping you? Prove your blood.  let us think BIG, very big!







Vishal Vivek
Vishal Vivek
Entrepreneur, Virgo, speaker, writer, a pampered son & a loving brother. Featured as Inspiring Indian by The Times Group. Life is still unfolding for me. Lots to be written in coming years. You can read some old news about me here: and my short story here( reprint of the story which was published in the Times Group book): Last but not the least, I am grateful to my mom & dad, my sisters, my friends, my fans for filling my life with love & happiness. Amen!

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