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7 SEO Trends that Dominated 2017

May 8, 2014
July 6, 2016

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Vishal Vivek is Co-Founder & CEO of SEO Corporation, a New Delhi based SEO & Web agency. A motivational speaker, blogger, gut wrenching risk taker, pet lover and hard working soul. Credited for taking SEO Corporation from living room to immense heights with his vision and brute passion . Demystifying online marketing for startups and entrepreneurs is what he loves the most. When he is not writing or researching, you can find him deeply engrossed in books or playing with his pets. Follow him on Twitter @victor_nepoleon
The year 2017 is nearing its end. It was a game-changing year for SEO India as well as other regional and global SEO service providers. In order to devise competent search engine optimization services, one needs to stay abreast of the latest search engine changes and trends. SEO industry is always transforming, evolving into something more intuitive for users. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of it to stay and survive in this rapidly transforming industry. Though several search engine optimization trends appeared in 2017, only a select few were able to impact it greatly. Read more
Vishal Vivek
Vishal Vivek
Entrepreneur, Virgo, speaker, writer, a pampered son & a loving brother. Featured as Inspiring Indian by The Times Group. Life is still unfolding for me. Lots to be written in coming years. You can read some old news about me here: and my short story here( reprint of the story which was published in the Times Group book): Last but not the least, I am grateful to my mom & dad, my sisters, my friends, my fans for filling my life with love & happiness. Amen!

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